11 Best Modern Basement Stairs Ideas to Complete your House

Complete your house interior with the modern basement staircase if you plan to build a two-story house. Besides the design, the stairs design should pay attention to safety, durability, and functionality. With the right design idea to apply, the stairs will add the modern extension to the house decor. If you are a little bit confused about what design will fit the interior, check out these 11 best modern basement stairs ideas.

Wooden Floating Stairs with Black Railing

Basement Stairs Carpet Runner

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Have you considered of floating stairs idea for the stairs of the basement? Wooden material with black stainless railing staircase will create a mesmerizing combination for the modern concept you are expecting.

Furthermore, the neutral colors like brown or wooden and black color add the points. Apply this idea and see how this perfect combination will take you to the ideal basement staircase you want to have.

White Stairs with Glass Staircase

Basement Egress Stairs

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Create the modern basement stairs concept by combining the white color with the glass railing. This idea touches up the material choice with the modern concept you want to accentuate.

Paint the edges of the railing with a golden color and get a satisfying result. This golden color also will make your home look more spacious and homier.

Spiral Wooden with Stainless Rail

Basement Stairs Handrail Height

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Looking for a chic and modern design for your basement stairs? Try this spiral wooden with stainless rail. The spiral shape is an art to the house interior. Besides that, the wooden color will never be a disappointment choice for the minimalist interior stairs design. Both materials are also a perfect combo if you want to have durable stairs.

Dark Wooden Stairs with Glazed Banisters

Basement Stairs Railing

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Create a perfect modern basement with dark wooden and glazed banisters combo. The idea of this design focuses on the contrast among the color of stairs, the wall, and the stairs. Dark wooden stairs will give a huge difference to the house area and make the basement become part of the house

Furnished Dark Stairs with White Wall

Basement Stairs Calculator

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Go minimalist yet modern with furnished dark stairs and white wall. The furnished stairs will make your house look clean and tidy. The effect of the white wall will add perfection to the concept. Attach the stairs to the wall for a better basement extension.

Unfurnished Stairs with Open Storage

Basement Stairs Drain

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Aim for the functionality yet keep boosting the modern concept? Apply this idea to your basement staircase. With unfurnished stairs finish, the stairs will integrate into the house and connect to the basement.

Install the glass for the rail and storage under the stairs to complete the open stairs design.

Gray Stairs

Basement Stairs Building

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You will never go wrong with gray stairs. Gray stairs will always be one of the most favorite concepts many people use for the stairs.

To go with gray, cover the stairs with gray carpets. Meanwhile, you can attach the stairs to the white wall. By constructing this way, you don’t need to have the stairs rail.

Straight Wooden Stairs

Basement Stairs Finishing

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Never underestimate the right choice of the stairs design into your house. If you like going simple yet modern, you can choose straight wooden stairs.

Use the wooden materials for the stairs and wall mounted handrails. The wooden color will go perfectly with the painted-white wall. The stairs design will also become the spotlight in your house interior.

Straight White Wooden Stairs with Cabinet

Basement Stairs Construction

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You can work on both design and functionality for the stairs. Apply this straight white wooden stairs with cabinet. Utilize the space under the stairs by making the cabinet.

Paint the wall, cabinet, and the railing of the stairs with white color. Meanwhile, choose dark wooden stairs for durability and perfection. Get a satisfying remark with this idea.

Wooden Stairs with Accessible Cabinet Railing

Basement Stairs Hatch

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If another stairs design is to utilize the space under the stairs for the cabinet, you may try to be different. Turn the space on the wall into a mounted cabinet.

The mounted cabinet will give you more rooms to keep your belongings. Choose wooden material or duplex for both stairs and cabinet. This material is quite durable. The color and design will accentuate the modern vibe you wish for

Floating Stairs with Black Stainless Railing

Basement Stairs Exterior

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If you dare to be a stylish modern house owner, styling the floating stairs design into your basement may seem a good idea. This design will accentuate the minimalist vibe that integrates into your house.

Use duplex materials for the stairs and attach them to the black stainless railing. The stairs will give an eye-catchy impression without leaving the durability and solidity of the stairs.

Have you thought one design to choose? Before choosing and applying the idea for the basement stairs, it is advisable to consider the functionality, the material, design, safety, and durability. The concept and style you choose are highly essential because it affects the style of your whole house interior.