13 Bathroom Lighting Ideas for All Interior Designs

Lighting fixture is an integral part in bathroom design. Modern bathroom lighting ideas focus on how the fixture ties all design aspects in the room. Many lighting designs are so unique, it can be hard to match them with your interior design. Luckily, there are modern lamps with versatile designs, easy to match with any bathroom styles.

Versatile bathroom lights allow you to get creative with interior designs. Here are 13 modern lighting styles that you can match with any bathroom types.

Three-prong Chandelier

Chrome Bathroom Lighting

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Think that chandelier lamp is too fancy? Choose three-prong chandelier. This lighting fixture offers elegance, but the design is not as detailed as the traditional one. Three prong chandeliers are available in various colors, such as black, bronze, and brass.

Three-prong chandelier is not just for classic or traditional bathroom. You can install it as a beautiful accent in a modern bathroom.

Copper Pendant Lamp

Popular Bathroom Lighting

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Pendant lamp presents more interesting look than a regular bulb in the bathroom. Copper pendant lamps are modern but still modest. The earthy color makes this lamp perfect for any color scheme in your bathroom. A pendant lamp with shiny surface also makes your bathroom look posh.

Adjust the numbers of the lamps with your bathroom space. If the room is large, don’t hesitate to install two identical lamps. They will make the bathroom look balanced.

Lamp/Sconce with Geometric Shade

Bathroom Pendant Lighting

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Using geometric shade for a pendant lamp, ceiling lamp, or sconce instantly lifts the entire design. Geometric shade will improve a regular lamp, making it suitable for any modern bathroom. Many lamp designs have decorations or unique color schemes on the shade surfaces. You can adjust their designs with your bathroom interior.

Round Ceiling Light

Bathroom Lighting Design

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Round ceiling light is great if you like modern, understated, but elegant lighting fixture. Many ceiling lights come in square shape, but round shape gives softer look. It is also more suitable for contemporary look, especially since square lamp has become so common.

Strip Vanity Lamps

Bathroom Lighting Sets

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Why sticking with boring sconces if you can make your vanity more interesting? Strip vanity lamps come in unique yet understated shapes. Strip lamps usually have long, thin square shapes. They are eye-catching but not distracting. The long shape also provides better light distribution from top to bottom, perfect when you are using the mirror.

Candlestick Lamp and Sconces

Bathroom Lighting Options

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Back to the classic look with candlestick lamp and sconces. They are of course not the real candles. You can get that old-school look without worrying about fire hazards. Many candlestick lamps are understated, with neutral colors or crystalline materials that look great with any bathroom designs.

Chrome Pendant Lamp

Chrome Bathroom Lighting

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Pendant lamp with chrome shade gives sleek, modern look. The pendant shape itself adds interesting element in an otherwise common material. Chrome is also a material that looks great with any interior design. You can install one large lamp or several smaller lamps to create emphasis.

Simple Edison Bulb Lamp

Kichler Bathroom Lighting

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A single bulb on string or bar may not look special. However, what if the bulb is replaced with Edison bulb? This bulb design was inspired by Thomas Alva Edison’s first electric lamp. The shape makes it popular as industrial-style fixtures. However, if you don’t like too many embellishments, you can install it as a single bulb.

LED Wall Lightings

Track Lighting For Bathroom Vanity

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Get more modern by installing LED lightings within the wall. This design is special because of the technology and light source placement. However, there are no prominent shapes or elements that will ruin the bathroom design. You can match these LED lights with any bathroom designs.

Wicker/Wood Pendant Lampshade

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

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Embellish your bathroom by combining natural materials with modern elements. Many pendant lamps have natural materials for the shades, such as wood or wicker. If you want to improve a simple bathroom, try adding such lamp into the room.

Statement Black Pendant Lamp

Modern Bathroom Lighting

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Black pendant lamp creates a strong statement in the simplest bathroom. You can install it in a minimalistic, Bohemian, or industrial bathroom. Even if you don’t use many color schemes for the interior design, black pendant lamp will attract the eyes.

Frosted Glass Lamp/Sconce

Elegant Bathroom Lighting

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Frosted glass adds more elegance and posh compared to regular tempered one. Frosted glass pendant lamp or sconce makes a bathroom look elegant and modern, but not excessive. Frosted glass lamps come in various designs, from conical to rectangular and round.

Small, Unusual Chandelier

Bathroom Recessed Lighting

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Unusual chandelier is a great option for the ultimate eye-catching fixture. Many chandeliers come in forms such as star, sun, flower, moon, and even abstract design. To avoid looking garish, choose chandelier with small size and earthy frame colors. If possible, match the chandelier design with the theme of the bathroom interior.

Bathroom lighting ideas should not become an afterthought when designing this room. If you want to stay safe in design matter, choose one of these lamps to make your bathroom look interesting.