10 Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Beauty and Convenience

Bathroom is the most personal space in the house, which means it should get extra attention in design. Bathroom remodel ideas must combine beauty and convenience perfectly. Relaxing bathroom with eye-catching design is not only cozy, but also increasing the value of your property.

Many design ideas are applicable for any sizes, including limited spaces. Here are 10 ideas you can try in the next remodel project.

Full Bathroom Expansion

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If you have unused space adjacent to the bathroom, why not undergoing full expansion? Spacious bathroom is no longer dominated by large properties. You can have wide bathroom by using unused space. For example, if your adjacent wall closet is no longer used, you can open the wall and add extra bathroom space.

You can separate the newly-expanded bathroom into several functional spaces. For example, once corner is for the bathtub and shower, while others are for the closet and vanity area.

Asymmetrical Mirror and Vintage Sink

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Combining old and new is another trend that is still popular in 2019. Asymmetrical bathroom mirrors add characters to the space. The modern aspect looks great when paired with vintage sink. It does not have to be “fully vintage,” but it can show old elements such as bronze faucets or flowery ceramic basin.

Water Space and Glass Partition

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“Water space” is a spot where the tub and shower are in the same place. If you have small bathroom, you can place water space at the end of the room. Using glass partition will provide barrier between the “splash zone” and the dry area, without making the bathroom look small.

There are several ways you can create water space. You can install the showerhead right above the tub or right next to it. However, making a designated place to get wet makes it easier to use the bathroom.

Huge Statement in Powder Room

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If your bathroom has a powder room, it is time to make it more interesting. Just like the actual bathroom, a powder room reflects your personality. You also spend much time in it, such as when brushing teeth and applying makeup or skincare products. Create a strong statement in this room, regardless of its size.

For example, add a unique mirror with colorful backsplash. You can also install unique sink and faucets. Add a unique lighting fixture to make the powder room more interesting.

Integrated Smart Features

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Follow the current smart bathroom by integrating high-tech features. Many smart features can be incorporated in subtle way. They will make your life easier, especially if you consider your bathroom as an ideal place to unwind.

Common smart features that are available widely include faucets with motion sensor, built-in LED lighting in bathroom mirror, or automatic temperature regulator. Many “touch-screen” mirrors and even Alexa-integration are also becoming more common.

Refined, Classic, but More Personal

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After the raging popularity of eclectic, colorful, Bohemian design, new bathroom trends return to refined style. However, instead of making it boring or “too minimalistic,” the refined style has more personal elements.

For example, while sticking to clean lines and minimalistic features, you can install patterned tiles as the floor and walls. Adding one unique pendant lamp also creates instant unique touch in a bathroom.

Terrazzo Accents Everywhere

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Terrazzo, the combination of natural stones and concrete mix, is still popular right now. Terrazzo tiles add modern Italian charm to your bathroom. Add these tiles into the details if you want to remodel the bathroom.

You don’t need to fill all the bathroom parts with terrazzo tiles. Turn them as accents such as floor, accent wall, or sink countertop.

Simple, Clutter-free Storage Spaces

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Bathroom remodeling is an opportunity to remove clutter. Make a list of things that you don’t need in the new bathroom, and keep only the essentials. Choose smart storage options that don’t take up much space, such as floating shelves.

You can also arrange products based on how moisture affect them. Move body cream and fragrance to enclosed cabinets to protect the product quality. Leave the open storage spaces for soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other bathroom essentials that you use often.

Dam-less Shower Stall

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Are you familiar with “shower dam?” That is a raised ledge built around a shower stall. This dam supposed to stop flooding, but it also adds bulks and increases accident risk. Create a seamless look by removing the dam and adding corner drain in the shower area.

You can also get creative with the shower partition, especially if you don’t like curtains. Instead of floor-to-ceiling panel, why not trying a half wall? It separates the shower and other bathroom areas without looking too bulky.

Wall-mounted Water Closet

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Improve your bathroom with modern, convenient water closet. The wall-mounted one takes up less flooring space than traditional closet. You can also create less conspicuous “toilet” look, especially if your bathroom and closet are conjoined.

These bathroom remodel ideas are fresh, but practical. Try applying one or several of them in your next remodeling project, and enjoy improved look.