11 Best Modern Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas to Try

The wall in the bedroom plays an important role in bedroom décor because our eyes will focus on the decor of the wall. If you want to have an eye-pleasing bedroom wall, you need to style and decorate it with a modern yet beautiful concept.

Are you looking for a modern bedroom wall decor that suits your taste? Check out these 11 best modern bedroom wall decor ideas to consider.

Bold and Vibrant Painted Color

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If you like to have a bold bedroom decor, you can try the bold and vibrant painted color wall. The yellow and dark blue color will create a unique style yet bright vibe to the room. If you think that painted the wall all in a bold color is way too much, you can paint it near the headboard of the bed. Complete the decor with the cabinets to both sides of the bed.

Stonework Wall with Mirrors

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Change your bedroom wall into art by using stonework to create a dramatic effect. The natural colors and the texture of stonework will make your bedroom look unique and antique without leaving the homey and warm feeling. Don’t forget to hang on the mirrors as the complement accessories to beautify the decor.

Gray Two-Tone Wall

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If you are bored with a plain wall in your bedroom, you can try to use the two-tone wall. Make two bigger stripes in two neutral colors. You can go for white and gray.

Both colors create contrast and harmony. Add another ornament if the two-tone wall is too plain. You can complete the wall decor with a flower mirror and a white hanging lamp to accentuate the warmth.

Dark Blue with Patterned Rug

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Do you think your bedroom wall look empty and dull? You can try to paint one of the sides of your bedroom wall with dark blue. Add some complement accessories to hang on the wall.

If the dark blue wall doesn’t give the room good lighting, you can add a white patterned rug. Hang on the white or ivory patterned rug to the wall above the headboard.

Vertical Wall Art Bedroom

Master Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

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Decorate your bedroom with wooden look-alike wallpaper. The color of the wood will make your room cozy and warm. You will feel relax and soothing when you sleep.

Add the hanging vertical wall art to personalize the large wall. Complete the bedroom decor with two tables and hanging lamps to both sides of the bed.

Artworks Bedroom Wall

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Putting some complimentary artworks and make them into the part of bedroom decor is such a good idea. They are suitable for personalizing the space on your large bedroom wall.

You can hang on and display several paintings. Hang them on the headboard wall. You will feel at peace when you wake up seeing the artworks every day.

White Wall Bedroom with a Big Round Mirror

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If you like simple and minimalist bedroom decor, you can use a big round mirror as the complement property. This mirror will personalize the blank wall. Prop the mirror against the bed. Add the painting to complete the mirror. Place it above the headboard wall.

Marble Wallpaper

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If you plan to remodel your bedroom wall, give the marble wallpaper a try. The effect of the natural shades of marble will make your room homier and more spacious.

Use the white bed cover and place the simple wooden cabinet next to the headboard. Your new bedroom decor will be awesome.

White Wall with Rattan Ornaments

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The rustic concept will always fit any room decors in the house. If you have a plain white wall, you can go boho by adding some rattan ornaments on the wall.

These ornaments will create a rustic style which fits the room. Place the chair on the corner of the wall and a rattan basket next to it.

Wall Bedroom with Minimalist Shelves

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If you are a book lover, you can maximize your bedroom wall by installing minimalist shelves. Besides the functionality, the minimalist shelves will personalize the blank wall and create a modern decor. Paint the shelves with the same color as the wall. You will have perfect decor and storage for your books.

Landscape Mural Bedroom Wall

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One of the bedroom wall decor ideas you can apply to your bedroom wall is by having mural or your bedroom painted. Choose the natural landscape mural to make your room cozier. The effect of green color from the mural will create a peaceful and fresh feeling after waking up.

In conclusion, these 11 bedroom wall decor ideas will give you the insight to create a perfect bedroom wall in your room. Choose the concept that fits your personality and applies it in your wall bedroom.