10 Fancy Kitchen Ideas Inspired by Celebrity Homes

What’s better inspiration for a fancy kitchen than celebrity homes? Successful public personalities have more advantages in applying their taste and ideas to luxury properties. Their kitchens often serve as sanctuaries and privacy havens, which prompt celebrities to splurge on them.

You don’t need to spend as much as celebrities, but you can copy their aesthetics to make your own fancy kitchen. Here are 10 great ideas to copy from celebrity homes.

Eclectic Apartment Kitchen (Marisa Tomei)

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Image Source: theblbar.com

Marisa Tomei’s Manhattan apartment combines several vintage elements in a cozy, rustic kitchen. White subway tiles and cabinets become the perfect background for all the decorations. Vintage French garden chairs with red cushions are the highlights of the dining area. Recessed wall shelves display the silverware, ceramics, porcelain bowls, and recipe books.

Modern and Sleek Kitchen (Ralph Lauren)

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Image Source: gannett-cdn.com

Ralph Lauren’s Manhattan house has a trendy, stylish kitchen with a sleek design. The clean lines, monochromatic shades, and white cabinets remove the fuss from this elegant kitchen. The stainless kitchen appliances and the vent add the modern touch.

Bright White Kitchen (Courtney Cox)

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Image Source: holisticlife.us

Courtney Cox’s Malibu beach house has a spacious, open-style white kitchen. This fancy kitchen is breezy and relaxing, with a large white island and several rustic bar stools. The grey stone floor, dark vase, and framed pictures cut the plain whiteness. The white kitchen is illuminated by a lot of natural light.

Black and Wood Kitchen (David and Victoria Beckham)

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Image Source: downloadsmust.com

Beckham’s family house in London has a warm, beautiful kitchen with unique combination. Rich wood elements appear on the floor, cabinets, and kitchen island. Instead of the common white, the family chose black as the main color scheme. The black cabinets look great with white walls and black dining chairs.

Black and White Luxury (Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas)

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Image Source: pinterest.com

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have acquired a mansion in New York as their new house. The kitchen reflects the mansion’s luxurious charm, but with modern twists. It has a black and white aesthetic, with a chessboard floor, dark cabinets, and white countertops. The kitchen island has a black glossy countertop and Victorian engraves. The white subway tile walls have no grouts and serve as a neutral background.

Simple but Stylish (Cindy Crawford)

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Image Source: bathpluskitchen.com

Cindy Crawford’s Beverly Hills house has a simple but stylish kitchen. The room combines minimalist white, marble countertop, and wooden floor. Stainless appliances dominate the kitchen, including a double oven, large fridge, vent, and wine cooler. A perfect kitchen for a cooking enthusiast.

Semi-outdoor Family Kitchen (Natalie Portman)

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Image Source: gannett-cdn.com

Natalie Portman’s Santa Barbara home has an open-plan, semi-outdoor kitchen. It directly faces the sea, with several seating areas for her family. The kitchen uses a lot of stainless element, with a long kitchen island, black cabinets, and breakfast bar. One of the seating areas were created on an Oriental rug, complete with leather seats.

Rustic Brick Kitchen (Selena Gomez)

Fancy Kitchen Backsplash

Image Source: fancyashley.com

Selena Gomez prefers something rustic and traditional for her newest Los Angeles home, but still fancy. The washed brick walls resemble a traditional pizza kitchen in Italy. The brick floor and wooden furniture have shabby chic looks. A set of copper utensils are hung above the kitchen island. The white cabinets and backsplash provide a beautiful contrast.

Bright and Airy Kitchen (Emily Blunt and John Krasinski)

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Image Source: gogoigood.net

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s Brooklyn home has an airy kitchen, thanks to the high ceiling with a skylight. The wall-to-ceiling glass doors provide a lot of natural light and “enlarge” the kitchen. The rest of the kitchen has white and wood colors, providing warmth. The kitchen island has a unique black countertop and doubles as bookshelves. Red kitchen stools and pendant lamps add unique accents.

 Vintage Kitchen (Amanda Holden)

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Image Source: netdna-ssl.com

Amanda Holden’s family home in Surrey has a cozy kitchen with a vintage touch. An exposed brick wall accent stands beside large windows with billowy linen curtains. Beige dominates the kitchen tone, accentuated with three round pendant lamps with golden light. Crystal vases with colorful flowers decorate various spots in a tasteful way. A grey breakfast bar serves as a family gathering spot, but there is an extra dining table on the corner.

Homes of celebrities give a lot of ideas for posh yet cozy kitchens. Build a fancy kitchen using the inspiration from these houses and get your dream kitchen without breaking the wallet.