10 Chic Garden Water Fountains Worth-Installing

A lot of garden owner decides to install a special water garden fountain to bring out the whole elegance of the garden effortlessly. Having them by your side allows you to listen to the tranquil water sound; not to mention, a bold statement despite how you arrange your landscape. Read more to see our top garden water fountains ideas you can try after this.

Bird Bath Fountains

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Having fluffy birds flying throughout your neatly manicured garden is a delightful scene worth having.

Besides installing a birdbath fountain with regular water supply, keep them by your side with delicious foods inside bird feeders. Feel free to play with available shapes and styles, as well as the materials (fibreglass, polyresin, stone, etc.) and power options (battery, solar, etc.).

Solar Fountains

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Sun is a natural power source, and you can use its heat to power up a solar fountain without any additional operating costs. Most of these fountains are also equipped with battery backup.

Expect to see your options with styles like wall fountains, birdbath fountains, or pond fountains, made by materials like ceramic, polyresin, poly stone, or fibreglass.

Stone Garden Fountains

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Any home construction using stones to give the artistic supply should know how versatile this particular material is.

Attempt to install a sophisticated stone garden fountain for that very same feeling—chosen from a wide array of humble designs and sturdy material lasting years. Styles include whimsical, rustic, contemporary, modern, or traditional.

Lightweight Outdoor Fountains

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To you—the adorers of practicality and anything lightweight, there are a lot of outdoor fountains designed to be superbly low maintenance and easy installation.

It won’t look dull, even if it’s super easy to move or relocate for repurpose mission. Some available power source for these garden water fountains options includes solar with or without battery backup and electric options.

Wooden Water Fountains

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Designs focusing on woods are guaranteed to be classically beautiful and elegant, which is why wooden water fountains are also sought-after for every garden owners.

Don’t worry; they’re extraordinarily durable and charming to be put as the centrepiece in the garden, too! With straightforward electricity plug-in, available styles vary from wishing well-designed or tiered barrels.

Tiered Outdoor Fountains

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Speaking of tiered, tall, vertical standing tiered outdoor fountains speak classic to the utmost—and they’re an undefeated timeless beauty for your garden.

Some famous powered tiered garden water fountains come in solar with or without battery backup and electric options. Common material often used in the product can be from poly stone, fibreglass, and resin; ensuring its durability maintained for a long time.

Outdoor Wall Fountains

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Walls are those particular parts at home that can be uniquely dressed up or decorated despite its vertical stature unlike floors and other landscapes.

Take it up a notch by merely placing resin fountains made with intricate detailing and finished with sleek completion. As long as they’re modern, contemporary or traditional-styled, you have no problem mixing it up with other fixtures and accessories in the garden.

Bamboo Fountains

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Perhaps you have seen several places installing chic bamboo fountains in their outdoor space, and you think it’s cute and looks extremely Japanese traditional.

While you can freely make it on your own, you can instead purchase a thickly-cut piece of bamboo made into a homemade pump. A natural addition to an already natural garden: what a killer combination!

Rock Waterfall Fountains

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A water feature like a waterfall in your garden? Totally not imaginative: these nature-inspired additions work like a charm for any outdoor space.

Feel free to choose from tons of stone-designed water features, but those come with any addition of natural tree trunks, logs, and moss—make sure to purchase them first before others spot their beauty and buy it before you.

Mushroom Water Fountains

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While this idea doesn’t mean using real mushroom, they are eccentrically manufactured like mushrooms in those mystical fairy tale books.

Give your garden a touch of this magical structure, and complete it with bunches of pebbles for finishing touches.

No matter which one (or two) from these ten chic garden water fountains you later choose, know that your garden is one step away from being a complete perfection!