9 Ways to Create Shabby Chic Style for Interior Design

Shabby chic is one of the most interesting interior design styles. The combination of wear, tear, and antique pieces create a quaint, vintage charm in your house. The question is: how do you recreate this style without making your house look rundown?

Creating a shabby chic look means combining vintage, “distressed” elements in a balanced way in your interior. Here are several ways to incorporate old-school styles without creating a mess.

Incorporate Flea Market Finding

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Flea market goods are great additions for any shabby chic rooms. Wooden furniture with distressed look will instantly create a shabby chic tone in a living room or bedroom. You may fix the damaged parts and clean the furniture, but let the wear and tear stay to create a more unique look in the house.

Flea market finding is not just about large furniture items, like cabinets and chairs. Pie plates, pie closets, jelly cupboards, and old bar carts can add a lot of vintage charm in your house.

Use Cotton and Linen

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Cotton and linen are the most popular fabric types to include in a shabby chic house. The most common colors are white, cream, pastel, and unbleached linen shade. You can include these fabric types in the room as curtains, table covers, sofa pillows, sofa covers, and other upholstery. Don’t be afraid of achieving an elegant, feminine look with a large amount of fabric.

Incorporate Antique Lamps

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Lighting fixtures contribute to light and visual elements. When choosing any lighting fixtures, try sticking to the antique styles. An antique chandelier can be the centerpiece, followed by antique table lamps and lantern-style conches. You can hunt for antique lighting fixtures at the flea market, although modern furniture stores now sell new lights with “antique” looks.

Use Decorative Frames and Mirrors

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Intricate decorative frames are great to adorn your photos or wall illustrations. You can add the antique yet artsy look on the wall by adding a mirror with decorative frame. An antique mirror is very noticeable, even if you buy a small one. Installing a mirror also creates an illusion that the room is larger than the reality.

Use Pastel Colors

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You can incorporate any favorite shades as the color schemes at home. However, some designs prefer specific colors to get the intended looks. Pastel colors dominate various interior design styles, including shabby chic. You can start from white as the base color, and slowly adds more pastel colors. Choose one color as the main scheme and add additional colors in smaller amounts.

For example, you can pick peach as the main color scheme. Use it as the dominant color scheme. To add interesting details, pair the peach with pastel pink and green as accents.

Insert Natural Elements and Materials

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Shabby chic style often incorporates parts of nature in its elements. You can achieve the effect by adding indoor plants. Get creative with the planters, such as attaching floating shelves on the wall to hold mini planters. You can also hang plants in hanging baskets or glass planters.

You can also add the “natural” part in the material. Bamboo, wood, and woven grass are great additions in any room. They add a little rustic element, which goes well with the shabby chic aesthetic.

Add Vintage Decorations and Accessories

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Finally, fill in the gaps by adding vintage decorations and accessories. A classic tea set on a silver tray is a beautiful, functional decoration for a living room. An old milk pitcher or mini watering can serve as unique flower vases. Place linen napkins on the table and vintage glassware in a glass door cabinet.

Balance the Look

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The key to creating a shabby chic look without cluttering the room is “balancing.” You don’t need to buy secondhand furniture if you cannot find it, because many modern furniture items have distressed looks. Keep the walls and floor subtle, with neutral or soft colors. When decorating a spot, choose only the most noticeable pieces that really improve the spot.

Incorporate Shabby Chic Floral Patterns

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Shabby chic often incorporates vintage-style floral patterns. You can incorporate them on the pillowcases, cushions, or rugs. If you want to place the patterns on the walls, reduce the patterns in the other parts of the room.


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Creating a shabby chic look requires a balance between the old and the new. Distressed furniture, vintage accessories, cotton and linen fabric, and soft colors are the main keys of a shabby chic look. Create a cozy, comfortable home by choosing interior design styles with worn-out yet beautiful look like the shabby chic.