10 Fresh Kitchen Remodel Trends for 2019 Projects

If you just start remodeling the kitchen this year, why not starting from the freshest trends? Kitchen remodel trends for 2019 sees the perfect combination of new and classic elements. From high-tech elements to the use of darker shades, these “new” kitchen trends are easy to apply and can be quite timeless.

Here are 10 kitchen trends you can apply for a new remodeling project.

Dark over White

Kitchen-Renovation 2

Source: lowes.ca

You have seen numerous white, shiny kitchens in the last few years. Now it is time to apply more dark colors, even black. Adding black as the main feature to your kitchen adds mood and atmosphere. Black, hunter green, and navy-blue work well as the main color scheme in this fresh kitchen design.

Applying dark walls in a kitchen create a more modern look. You can even use it in a small kitchen. However, make sure there is enough light source to illuminate the entire room.

Colorful Cabinetry

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Source: lowes.ca

If dark color dominates a kitchen in overall, bright colors are the new popular options for cabinetry. Gone is the era of brown or white cabinets; now you can find red, blue, green, and even orange ones. These cabinets give your kitchen more characters, especially if you use your favorite color.

Engineered Quartz Countertop and Island

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Source: lowes.ca

Engineered quartz came at the top with natural stone in kitchen remodeling trend. It is durable, easy to clean, and has the appearance of real stone. Manufacturers have found ways to imitate a wide range of natural stone looks in engineered quartz.

While dark and bright colors become more popular, homeowners show more interests in neutral shades for the countertop or island surface. Taupe, grey, beige, and white are the most popular quartz shades. The natural stone-like patterns are the only embellishments.

Smart, Unexpected Storage System

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Source: lowes.ca

Smart storage has long become a modern kitchen trend. The new wave brings unexpected ways to incorporate storage system in limited spaces. A sliding rack wedged between the countertop and stove is an effective way to store cooking ingredients. Some countertop stores create this space to accommodate a small kitchen.

Another smart method is to install a rotating shelf in the floor cabinet. Also known as “lazy Susan,” this rotating shelf is great to store saucers, cups, bowls, or cooking ingredients. It gives extra space without modifying your cabinet too much.

Multipurpose Kitchen Island


Source: home-designing.com

Massive, multipurpose kitchen island becomes a new trend in 2019 homes. This island often has several features fitted into the structure. You will see a sink, several storage solutions, and stools for a casual setting. There might be a fancy lamp that becomes the focal point of the kitchen.

Some new kitchen islands are so big, they extend to the other functional areas of the house. This design is obvious in an open-style interior, where there are no solid partitions between functional areas. A kitchen island may face a home theater set or living room sofas.

Direct Connection with Outdoor Area

RoomSketcher-Kitchen Floor Plan

Source: roomsketcher.com

Connecting the kitchen to outdoor areas is a common trend now, even in small houses. The kitchen may have large windows and a door that directly leads to a terrace. Some houses have semi-open kitchen design, with a large space that leads to an outdoor dining space.

Even without the outdoor terrace, you can still create a connection between indoor kitchen and outdoor area. Have a lush garden outside the kitchen, and install a large window that showcases the best part of it.

Streamlined Look



Streamlined design trend helps to balance all the colors and dark shades you bring into the kitchen. This means reducing clutters, removing bulks, and simplify shapes to create a more spacious look. Streamlined design reduces stress and helps you finding everything you need in the kitchen.

The streamlined look can also mean removing the upper wall cabinets if necessary. Many people now prefer to reduce clutters than adding extra bulks in the kitchen design. If you still need the storage space, install open shelves instead.

Smart Kitchen

kitchen remodel

Source: masterclasskitchens.co.uk

Don’t hesitate to follow the trend of smart kitchens! Many modern appliances are now available for common homeowners. From refrigerator that can scan shopping list, to Wi-Fi connected crockpot that allows you to control the temperature from phone, these appliances are becoming more popular in 2019.

 Ceramic Tile Flooring

Open (and also Intense!) Shelving

Source: southernliving.com

Hardwood is still popular for the kitchen floor, but ceramic tiles are becoming more popular. Manufacturers have become creative in colors and patterns, including the ones that imitate wood. Ceramic tiles are also available in many sizes, giving you more options to decorate a kitchen.

Eye-catching Backsplash

Stainless Steel Substitute Countertops

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The mid-2010s and onward caught the rising popularity of eye-catching backsplash. Forget white subway tiles that are practical but boring. Get creative by combining different colors and patterns into a mosaic. You can also install vinyl backsplash with beautiful patterns or images.

Kitchen remodel trends in 2019 bring wider options for designs, materials, and fixtures. Keep your kitchen fresh and beautiful with these design trends.