10 Clever Tips to Enhance Your Laundry Room

The laundry room may be the room to wash dirty laundry, but with a neat little arrangement here and there, it can also be so much more! Are you concerned about disorganized storage and dirty laundry? Solve your concern while aiming to make it luxurious with our ten smart tips below.

Putting Baskets to the Cabinets

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Invest in several baskets fitting the size of your cabinet racks to organize things accordingly. Try either wire baskets or white cabinetry that can be pulled out whenever you need to store or use laundry supplies.

Feel free to get flexible, though, especially if you think you can just buy and install shelving cabinets already made with drawers.

Mounting Wall Storage for Laundry Supplies

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Using the wall to increase internal house space has long been an open secret, mainly if your goal is to utilize every available space you have. Keep your laundry necessities visible: detergents, softeners, dryer sheets, bleach, and many more by hanging sturdy wire storage racks.

Wall-mount hooks can also work magic for anything hang-able: lingerie’s, things left on clothes before you wash them, wet fabrics to dry, and more.

Making Use of the Doors

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Don’t forget about your laundry room’s door when you can utilize it to the fullest potential, too. Try over-the-door storages befitting small stuff and supplies, and they’re even hidden from your sights when the door is closed.

You can try mounting handbag hangers for purses, sink cabinet storage for bottled cleaning products, or adjustable racks for laundry supplies.

Hanging Drying Racks from the Ceiling

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Your ceiling can be another lifesaver, too: try hanging practical clothes-drying racks from the ceiling that’s often overlooked in home organizing.

Usually, they come with chains and made of materials like wood or thin metals, with several rows to allow you to hang many fabrics at once. Having drying racks also help you to dry more delicate clothing pieces or items that won’t be possible to be dried off in your dryer.

Repurposing a Bookshelf for Storage

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If you really don’t want to buy new organizers, why don’t you take your time to observe the existing storage items or furniture in other parts of your home? For instance, your small old bookshelf can be moved to thelaundry room rather than living an empty life.

Although this idea might seem unusual, there’s no rule without exception. Feel free to repurpose and fit it in the room!

Repurposing a Ladder into a Drying Rack

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We’re so into repurposing ideas, especially when budgeting is at play. Don’t let your off-beat ladders at the backyard go unattended: bring it inside, re-paint or add some padding, and place it in the laundry room.

Placing the ladder will work well for awkward corners or other room parts where you think is an excellent spot for additional shelving.

Placing Pedestal Drawers under the Dryer or Washer

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Is there some space under your dryer or washer units? One of our recommended hacks to increase its potential is by placing pedestal drawers underneath, which obviously have to fit the space or else.

Take note that this idea won’t apply flexibly to just any type of dryer or washer models, though.

Investing in Storage Containers

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This idea is calling those with vintage soul and collectors at heart. This is your time to brag, even if it’s only in the laundry room!

You can try old vases, candy jars, or apothecary containers to store small laundry supplies, before arranging everything neatly in the unseen corner or near the laundry machine.

Creating a Folding Station

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A folding station in a tiny laundry room? Don’t just imagine it! If you’re a homeowner with big families, which will mean a huge size of laundry baskets, then this is your solution.

You can mount a tiny slab of a counter onto the wall on your own or with the help of a professional before utilizing it for folding.

Taking the Power of Curtains

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Separate the valuable space inside your laundry room with cute patterned curtains, rather than constructing a new wall that’ll end up hindering your movement.

You can even use the curtains to hide your bulky washer or dryer out of sights, further enhancing the practical arrangement of the room.

Hopefully, these ten smart tips for your laundry room can help to solve your storage issues! Which one will you try after this?