10 Awesome Living Room Layout Ideas to Try

The living room becomes the center of the room, where many families use it for many activities. With all the activities done in this room, it is quite challenging to make proper arrangements in this area.

If you don’t know how to arrange your living room, check out these 10 awesome living room layout ideas. Who knows you can try to apply for one of the layout designs to your living room.

Modern Living Room Layout with Contrast Sofas

Living Room Layout Small Apartment

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Whether your living room is big or not, you can design the living room layout by placing two sofas in different color and size. Choose neutral colors to give a harmonious contrast.

For a long and formal sofa, you can choose the caramel color. Meanwhile, the small sofa, you can choose the black one. Place them by facing each other. Add the wooden table and the rug to accentuate the modern concept.

Grey Living Room Layout

Interior Design Living Room Layout Ideas

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Grey concept seems fitting to the bedroom and kitchen. It also works fabulously for the living room design. First thing you may change is the wall. You can have it painted grey.

Place the grey sofas against each other and add a white circular ceramic table to complete the decor. Put the grey rug to give the final touch. You will love the grey look in your living room.

Sweet Ivory Living Room Layout

Small L Shaped Living Room Layout Ideas

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If you have a spacious living room with big windows, try a sweet ivory concept for your living room. To create the perfect balance, place the sofas near the window. This position will produce natural lighting. Complete the concept with the stripes curtain and abstract motif rug. Add the glass table for a decent result.

Casual and Balanced Living Room Layout

Living Room Dining Room Combo Layout Ideas

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If you want to have a casual living room, you can try this casual and balanced living room layout. This layout focuses on creating a relaxed atmosphere in the living room.

To create the atmosphere, you just need to have the matching sofas in different seating position. Meanwhile, place the mount TV on the wall where everybody can see it from a different position.

Warm Family Friendly Living Room Layout

Living Room Layout Ideas With Fireplace And Tv

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For some people, the living room can have double functions. You can use this room to accept the guest or a place to mingle with your family.

This living room will have a warm and fun atmosphere if you remodel it into a warm, family-friendly living room. Put the full-on L-shaped sofa for comfortable seating place. Add extra seating by providing an ottoman or a large pouf. Divide the half room for a playing zone for the kids.

Modern City Living Room Layout

Living Room Setup Ideas Apartment

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Do you have a spacious living room? Try one of the living room layout ideas by carrying out the modern city living concept into reality. You can combine the light blue chair, grey sofa, and a peach couch in the same spot.

Face them together. The contrast of the size, shape, and the colors from the chairs, sofa, and couch will make your living room more colorful and eye-catchy. Add an abstract rug to give an extra modern city living style.

Integrated Dining Zone with Living Room Layout

Living Room Layout For Small Space

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Integrating living room with dining room seems practical if you know how to adjust the furniture. Place a table by doors, the sectional under the windows, and a mounted TV where everyone can watch it from different angles. Use an abstract rug to line the difference between the living room and dining room.

 Soft Living Room Layout

Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Layout Ideas

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Playing with soft colors will make your living room more gorgeous and cozier. Choose sofas with different colors and shapes. Add an oval white ceramic table and the dark rug to balance out the mixed colors of the sofa. For the ornaments, you can place the standing lamp and colorful sofa cushions.

 Vintage Vertical Stripes Two-Tone Living Room Layout

Living Room Setup Ideas Apartment

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Vertical stripes two-tone living room decor with a vintage sofa is such a grand layout for a living room. This concept works for both a big and a small living room. Choose the dark and the light blue colors for creating vertical stripes two-tone to the wall.

Install the bookshelves on the corner of the wall to personalize the wall space. You can also hang on some abstract paintings and a mirror. To accentuate the vintage concept, choose an antique sofa with burgundy color and small round tables.

Minimalist Comfortable Living Room Layout

Open Living Room Layout Ideas

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Make your living room as comfortable as possible. You can carry out the minimalist comfortable concept to your living room. You can work on the style by paring down the furniture. Choose a sofa with an armchair for comfortable and cozy seating. Put a circular table within a space.

In conclusion, these living room layout ideas will give you some preferences for an awesome living room design to your house. Check out the layout ideas in detail and try to implement one of it in your living room.