10 Marble Kitchen Countertop Colors You Will Love

Nothing says a fancy kitchen better than a marble countertop. A marble kitchen countertop adds a luxurious touch, and you don’t need to add much. Marble comes in wide range of colors and patterns, so you can choose the most suitable one for your kitchen design.

Marble works well for a cabinet and island countertops. You can combine marble with other types of materials or colors. Here are 10 countertop colors you will like.

Grey and Gold Marble

Marble Granite Kitchen

Image Source: graniterepublic.com

Grey and gold marble has unique markings; gold specks among the splashes of grey. This marble countertop works well in almost any kitchen colors. You can pair it with a white kitchen to create a beautiful contrast, or a darker kitchen to cut through the color.

Honed Grey Marble Countertop

Marble Kitchen Island

Image Source: ariastonegallery.com

“Honed marble” means it has been polished until really smooth, creating a matte look. Grey is a perfect color for this type of countertop. The honed effect creates a soft but deep look, and it doesn’t look too flashy. You can pair this countertop with various cool colors, like dark blue and mint.

White Countertop in Black Kitchen

Marble Kitchen Cabinets

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White marble countertops are common, but what if you install them in a black kitchen? The marble creates a strong contrast against the dramatic kitchen. You can cut through the darkness by adding some patterns, lines, or colored metal accents in the kitchen.

Black Marble Countertop

Marble Effect Kitchen Accessories

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Black marble countertop has a dramatic look, perfect for kitchen owners who want a little flair without painting the whole room black. A lot of black marble countertops have unique markings, giving them an abstract-like quality. You can install this marble countertop for the cabinetry or kitchen island.

Glossy White Marble

Marble Kitchen Floor

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Different finishing techniques can create unique looks on common countertop colors. A white marble kitchen countertop has a sleeker look with a glossy finish. The mirror-like surface reflects the light and gives your kitchen a posh look.

Blush Countertops

Marble Round Kitchen Table

Image Source: thespruce.com

Have you ever heard of pink marble countertops? Pink marble is usually called “blush marble” because of its soft pink shade. Naturally, a blush coloring occurs when the marble contains mineral impurities. A blush marble countertop may have a full pink coloring or traces of pink among grey and white.

Dark Brown Marble

Marble Round Kitchen Table

Image Source: sauravdutt.com

Dark brown marble countertops are great alternatives for kitchen owners who think black is too dramatic. Dark brown marble slabs may come with white or grey markings, depending on the natural looks of the marble. You can combine a dark marble countertop with white or natural wooden kitchen.

White Marble Countertops with Gold Veins

Kitchen Marble And Granite

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If white marble exudes beauty and posh, white marble with gold veins is the ultimate luxury. You can install a white marble countertop with gold veins to break the monotony of the pure white kitchen. The gold veins are posh but still understated, perfect to pair with colored metal or other natural stones.

Blue Marble Countertop

Marble Round Kitchen Table

Image Source: castiamarble.co.uk

Blue marble is probably one of the rarest materials for a kitchen countertop. Its quarries can be found in countries like China, India, Brazil, Kenya, Turkey, and Tanzania. The blue shade ranges from light to really rich, with various styles of markings. Some blue marble slabs even have gold veins, adding a luxurious touch to any kitchen.

Green Marble Countertop

Marble Kitchen Table

Image Source: home-designing.com

Another rare finding, green marble happens when the stone contains mineral impurities. The green shades range from dark, greyish green to very light one. The markings are also unique, from small dots to dark veins. Dark green countertop goes well with a wooden cabinetry or kitchen island, creating a “forest-like” look.

Great Marble Countertop Alternatives

Marble Kitchen Bar

Image Source: ykstonecenter.com

What if you cannot afford marble countertops? Choose marble alternatives.

Quartz is a common substitute for marble. Despite being man-made, quartz has beautiful markings and earthy colors that give a marble-like vibe. Quartz is also quite durable and easy to clean, with a way cheaper cost than real marble.

Neolith is a relatively new addition to kitchen countertop materials, but it has many great qualities. This manmade material combines elements of porcelain, quartz, and glass to create a light, beautiful material. It is resistant to scratch, stain, heat, and acid (such as from ketchup and lime juice).

A marble kitchen countertop exudes elegance and luxury even from afar. Choose the color that matches your kitchen aesthetic to create a dream cooking space.