10 Helpful Metal Rack Ideas to Store Things Neatly

The versatile yet sturdy metal racks work in almost every part of the house: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, even garden—but only if you know the tricks well. If you’re stuck to experiment with their usage, feel free to discover our top ten helpful metal rack ideas here to get you inspired.

 Tie or Belt Racks for Wrenches

Metal Rack Kitchen

Image Source: poochesnwhatnot.info

No house is free from one or two fixes once in a while, which is why wrenches come into use. You can’t, however, leave them hanging around after using, especially if there are children at home.

To arrange them neatly, consider repurposing your unused tie or belt racks to hang those wrenches instead!

Wine Racks for House Yarns

Metal Shoe Rack John Lewis

Image Source: lisalebensstil.info

If you’re an avid wine drinker, we can guess you have lots of wine metal racks that might have its fair share of empty bottles.

A lot of homeowners re-use these racks for many things, but you can try using them to store yarns in organized cubbies that won’t allow them to come loose ever again.

Spice Racks for Perfume Bottles

Metal Rack Canadian Tire

Image Source: melissamadenski.com

Staying fragrant is one thing, but how to organize those bottled perfume for you to pick them easier?

Just consider using your spice racks instead! This highly visible solution helps to display all bottles in an entirely not ugly and dull look. Nobody says that spice racks aren’t elegant: otherwise, the display result looks pretty fantastic and smart!

Paper Towel Racks for Cookie Cutters

Metal Rack For Clothes

Image Source: odrazi.info

Cookies are the guilty pleasure nobody can resist, but your creativity may need a new home or else.

Behind every attractive shape of your cookies, there’ll be cookie cutters left unorganized. Consider using a paper towel metal rack to store them instead, of which you can stack them over the top of it.

Magazine Racks for Plastic Wraps

Metal Rack Hanger

Image Source: coralgardensnews.com

When your days of old magazines are over, you can try using the magazine racks to store plastic wraps in the kitchen instead.

If you’re thinking of putting something else, bottled products or sauces can also use these racks for their new home. Just be flexible about which things you deem necessary to store here.

Aluminium Wall Shelves for Books

Metal Luggage Rack

Image Source: cglcbeta.info

Reading books is one of the most relaxing activities, and you want to keep your readings as nicely as possible in a decent place.

Instead of purchasing a new shelf to store all your reading collection, try to make use of the existing aluminum wall shelves instead to serve as their new home.

Metal Carts for Toiletries

Metal Key Rack

Image Source: josephineose.com

Definitely not your typical usage; metal carts where elegant dining setup can be repurposed in your bathroom to store all toiletries.

This way, you can also have a better reach for your shower necessities as well. Moving them around is also highly possible, whatever you wish to do!

Metal Wall Shelves for Laundry Supplies

Metal Rack Walmart

Image Source: shelfnstore.com

Don’t do your daily washing routine with messy laundry supplies! Start mounting metal wall shelves in the laundry room before putting the amounts on top of them for your immediate reach.

Some of the things you can store include bleaches, detergents, and softeners.

Metal Baskets for Clothes

Metal Towel Rack

Image Source: miejscowosci.info

If you’re confused about where to store your clothes despite having a big wardrobe and drawer cabinet already, why not purchasing metal baskets to store your folded clothes?

Arrange them based on the colors or types, and spot which clothes you need to wear today through a simple pull or from their highly visible shape should you purchase wired ones.

Wall-Mount Freestanding Shelving for Stationeries

Antique Metal Quilt Rack

Image Source: despreraonic.info

Whether you’re a student, office worker, or anybody who uses lots of stationeries every day, installing wall-mount freestanding shelves can help to store them much neatly.

You won’t have to worry about missing pens anymore, because you’ll always remember to put them back where they belong. Other stationeries you can also put include notebooks, rulers, calculators, and highlighters.

Hopefully, there’s one among these ten metal rack ideas you can implement to store your items throughout your house! Which one will you try after this?