10 Elegant Metal Stairs for Two-Storey Houses

The low-maintenance metal stairs seem to never miss the construction list of every homeowner with two-story houses. Constructors, architects, and designers have always implemented metal for this particular part of the house, and perhaps you should, too! Check out our top picks below to get you the much-needed information.

Spiral Staircase


Image Source : pxhere.com

Movies show girls strolling down a majestic spiral case in most romance, but the best thing is: you can also bring this beautiful setting to your home!

Regardless of your house size, any mid-sized minimalist metal spiral staircase can make do for the desired result, without disregarding its stylish feature. Make sure to lay some carpet to enhance its chic look.

Industrial Staircase

Industrial spiral staircase

Image Source : commons.wikimedia.org

The highly functional industrial style can be applied solely to your staircase, for instance: a moderately-sized wooden l-shaped staircase with metal risers.

You heard us right: combining metal with wood is precisely possible. Considering it’s a recipe mixed neatly with functionality stature, your classic-looking staircase that still looks industrial is on your way.

Contemporary Mountain Chalet Style

contempory stair

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Transport yourself to the 12th-century French architecture by adding metal stairs befitting the style of those super comfy mountain chalets.

Natural muted palettes, with a few colored dashes, will exceptionally improve your staircase here and there. Try going for the softer hues, and finish the look with rugged, family-friendly carpet fabrics.


library stair

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Your determination to invest in books should be accompanied by furniture and house parts matching the goal, too.

Make your library the best place by adding metal stairs in either flat or spiraled route, which comes with a safe climbing angle to reach those books on the upper floors. You can also try to install a moving staircase to move around seamlessly.

Painted Steel Staircase

Metal Stairs With Holes

Image Source: smartypantsnursery.com

If you already have a steel staircase at home, then your best bet at renewing its appearance can be attempted with a fresh coat of paint.

With one or two series of paints, your steel staircase can have a new life without needing to add or upgrade the installation. Don’t break your bank with super expensive paint, too, because thankfully, steel is a smooth metal to paint.

Mediterranean-Style Tiled Metal Stairs

Metal Stair Railing Outdoor

Image Source: decoholic.org

You can find most tiled metal staircases in a Mission or Mediterranean-designed home—all elegantly styled and arranged to exude the luxury vibe without too much effort.

Bring the details you want by choosing tiles that pair with the dark textured wood along with metal railings. Differ the motifs per steps, and play with soft color in order not to overpower other house elements.

Metal Railing Stairs

Metal Stairs Seattle

Image Source: modernstairs.icu

If you don’t want to go full-on steel for the staircase, you can pair the material up with wood (like in the second point) or stones—but focusing the metal part in its railings.

Adding metal railings to complement the whole staircase design is a smart move: you try to show your industrial-style but not forgetting natural elements needed to refresh the entire look.

Modern Cable Railing

Metal Stairs Texture

Image Source: vickitruitt.com

Any house with modern design needs to have that open-concept and sleek look that’ll define the style wherever the eyes look at.

You can try reconstructing the current staircase with metal cable railing to maintain the modern living area sleek and fresh. Add some glass as the dividers between the railings, and see how elegant the house becomes thereafter.

Ombre Metal Stairs Spindle

Metal Stairs Philippines

Image Source: johncullenlighting.com

We have said that metals can be painted over, and there are a lot of parts of the stairs beside the steps that you can also focus on!

Try painting the spindles in an ombre effect using the colors you like. This is a guaranteed way to make a bold statement in the house!

The Power of Red Carpet

red carpet stair

Image Source : Pexels.com

While placing carpet to enhance your staircase appearance is very encouraged, we have a soft spot for the red carpet.

Who doesn’t want to descend like an A-list star? Bring up the feel with this idea, and make sure they line up perfectly with your staircase.

Hopefully, one or two ideas here can match what kind of metal stairs you’re seeking!