11 Classic Modern Living Room Ideas That Make a Comeback

Contemporary living room trends have seen some crazy, bold, and outlandish ideas. However, there are classic modern living room ideas that are making a comeback. They are perfect for homeowners that prefer sensible, timeless, and elegant interiors. Classic ideas are also easy to remodel, especially if you plan to live in that house for a long time.

Here are 11 classic ideas you should consider for your living room.

Modern Floral Wallpaper

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Modern floral wallpaper is not like the old wallpaper in grandma’s house. You get bolder combinations with more color variations, stronger contrasts, and diverse design sizes. Applying a floral wallpaper also saves you paint money, and you can replace it after several years for a remodeling project.

White and Pastel Shades

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An all-white living room looks more interesting if you add pastel shades. Pastel pink, purple, green, or blue blends nicely with white background. The color adds dimension without ruining the soft, elegant look. You can apply the pastel colors on the furniture and upholstery.

Black and White Combo

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Black and white combo returns to the modern living room trend with full force. It creates a great contrast but still with “safe” look. You can create a white living room with black floor and furniture pieces or choose one of the tones to be the dominant one.

Neutral Color Combo

Modern Stools For Living Room

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Another “safe” color combination consists of several neutral shades. Why stick with one color if you can play with three or four? Use neutral shades such as white, beige, tank, cream, and grey in one living room. This way, you can get a rich look without creating a garish room.

Metal Furniture and Accents

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Metal furniture and accents will make any living room look rich. Instead of sticking with a boring chrome or stainless steel, you should mix several metals as accents. Brass, bronze, copper, and tin can turn a regular living room into a designer’s dream.

Restrained Accents

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Accents make a living room look lively, but don’t go overboard! Restrain your accents and decorations so they are not spread all over. Choose items that will enhance specific spots living room without looking cluttered. Be mindful when choosing a vase, candle set, or bowl to place in the living room.

Unique Pendant Lamp

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A unique pendant lamp will draw everyone’s eyes to the middle area, encompassing the whole look of the living room. Don’t hesitate to choose a pendant lamp with a truly unique design and keep the other lighting fixtures simple. A crystal chandelier, vintage bulbs set, or unique lamp from recycled wood will make a living room look richer.

Seats for Socializing

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Many modern living room designs have “floating” individual seats, which means they are individual items that are placed away from the other seats. This is because modern rooms are often designed for individuals. Bring back the classic seat arrangement that enables people to socialize in an intimate way. Arrange sofas and chairs so they can be close to each other. Choose a two-seater as the standard minimum item.

Mixed Textures

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Textures can bring life to the dullest living rooms. Combining different textures is a great idea for people who don’t like displaying ornaments or bright furniture in the living room.

Choose items made of unique materials to display their natural textures, such as rattan, fiber, grain wood, and natural stone. Otherwise, use simpler details like stitching details on upholstery.

Natural Light

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Keeping the living room illuminated by natural light is great for the environment. If the light source in your living room is limited, try playing around the furniture position to determine the best use of the light.

This way, you have a good idea of how to maximize the room’s beauty using natural light.

Color Palette Pair

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Remember when bold color clashes rule the design trends? Now, people start to go back to the classic color-combining way: by blending two colors that are a pair in the color palette. This way, you get a perfect blend of two colors that actually look good together. For example, pastel pink looks great with smoky grey, and butterscotch yellow is a great pair with Navy blue.

Bringing classic trends to modern living room ideas gives you an elegant, timeless look. Enjoy a beautiful living room with ease and show your classy taste to your guests.